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BeatBoss™ Post Certification Instructor Coaching


Deepening your BeatBoss™ Instructor skills is your priority and passion. You have gone through The BeatBoss Certification and are now connected to the BeatBoss Online Instructor Continuing Education Portal and now it's time to take it to the next level. If you are a studio owner or manager, BeatBoss can take your BeatBoss™ Certified Instructors to the next level with post certification coaching. Coaching includes honing in on instructor strengths as well as challenges with practice teaching sessions, peer critique (excludes one-on-one sessions) and much more utilizing the BeatBoss™ branded methodology, actions/components within the BeatBoss™ Online Instructor Continuing Education Portal.

Grow BeatBoss™ Skill Sets To Offer Class Members More and More

The BeatBoss™ Certification along with the BeatBoss™ Online Instructor Continuing Education Portal is a great foundation setter to get your Instructors or yourself instructing BeatBoss™.  Additional coaching  allows them to enhance and build on their BeatBoss Instructor knowledge and skills to pass on to class members more options for them to keep growing and coming back class after class.


BeatBoss can provide live in person individual, partner and group coaching along with online live individual, partner and group coaching. Contact us today to learn more.

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