BeatBoss for Studios, Health Clubs, and Community Centers

There is finally an ACE, AFAA and NASM approved education provider, first of its kind professional Indoor Biking certification that trains you and your instructors to teach to the beat of the music plus using metrics! Not only is it cutting edge, science based, and crosstraining focused, it is super fun! Let's face it, training new or even seasoned instructors takes a lot of time and energy.  This is all we do and we do it well!


You are busy with the administrative details of growing your business (and probably teaching a lot more than you'd like) so BeatBoss offers many solutions to make your studio a success by working smarter, not harder. If you are a new or existing studio, we can help take it to the next level with BeatBoss Certification, Coaching and Consulting. You have the vision and BeatBoss helps with the execution of it. Here's how we can help:


  • We can help select bikes, sound systems, mics, software and so much more.

  • ​We are experts at developing class packages that tailor to your studio.

  • We guide and offer structure through preconception to grand opening. 

  • We assist in creating brand awareness and excitement for your new or existing studio by creating and executing special events, themed rides, grand openings and charity rides.

  • You will become a part of a network of nationally recognized studios that have BeatBoss Certified Instructors.

  • Are you a franchise or health club that has specific franchise or brand guidelines? We can coach your instructors on how to become Dynamic Instructors while staying true to your franchise or brand. Our coaching does not replace corporate trainings but rather enhances what instructors have already learned for greatest marketplace competitive edge. They will make you stand out giving you that competitive edge!

  • Please contact BeatBoss to learn more and get customized pricing.


  • BeatBoss has a first of its kind certification that will give your instructors extensive training in "Riding The Beat" as well as being inspired by three other biking styles to give you a legitimate, accredited foundation to teach this super fun style!

  • BeatBoss is a recognized continuing education provider with ACE, NASM and AFAA and can be petitioned with other certifying bodies.

  • Standardized. All instructors use the same cues, verbiage and moves thereby creating consistency throughout your studio.

  • Dynamic Instructors = more money for your studio in a QUICKER time frame.

  • Nationally recognized brand thereby drawing in customers.

  • BeatBoss Certification provides 12 (ACE) and 14 (NASM and AFAA) hours of CEC's to all BeatBoss Indoor Biking instructors that successfully complete the Certification.


  • BeatBoss takes your BeatBoss Certified Instructors to the next level with post certification coaching on an individual or group basis and through the BeatBoss Online Instructor CEC Portal . Read more about it here: BeatBoss Coaching.

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