A woman on a road bike

Inspired By Three Biking Styles 

We saw a gap.  We filled it.


Before BeatBoss was created, there was a large gap between “Road Style” and “Party on The Bike” with much disagreement between both styles in the fitness industry. BeatBoss has created an amazing foundation that actually blends the two styles while keeping fitness fun and challenging. We are a game-changing style of indoor cycling so vastly different, we’ve coined the term “indoor biking” and developed a first of its kind Indoor Biking Certification.


It is our passion to create a game changing fitness family where all ages, shapes, and sizes feel challenged and supported. With sound exercise science and a strong, rhythmic heart “beat” as our foundation, we work hard to improve each person touched by us in their Mind, Body, and Spirit. We believe by creating a fun, challenging, and supportive cross-training environment, a community of like-minded people will thrive! The fitness industry has a fresh addition.


WHAT is BeatBoss

BeatBoss offers an all-encompassing certification for instructors, top-notch indoor cycling studio consulting as well as expertise in productions and events from concept to execution.


The BeatBoss Indoor Biking Certification uses a three-pronged approach by showing instructors how to:

  • "Ride the Beat" using music as the foundation (Evokes emotions. Accountability)

  • Utilize a systematic, data-driven approach (Grounded in science)

  • Inspired by a trifecta (Road, Mountain, and BMX) of outdoor biking styles (Game-changing plane of motion training)


We Master the Beat.

We Ride with Intention.

Inspired by Three Biking Styles.
We Bring Purpose to the Party.